All cheeses from our dairy and other typical regional products can be ordered and delivered by courier in the period from November to late April. Orders can be placed by or by phone , both listed in the contact details.

We also offer a selection ofaged cheeses. Some of them have matured for more than seven years.

Предлагаме  и селекции отлежали сирена. Някои от тях са на повече от  7 години. 

млечен пастет столетник

“Centenary”Milk Pate

NEW !!!This Rhodope dairy product was developedfor more than 25 years by the famous Bulgarian microbiologist Prof. Hristo Chomakov. Made from cow yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, onion and red pepper.  As a healthy product it was released within “Agro-GENO-Trans” project, supported by European Territorial Cooperation Greece-Bulgaria Programme, where funding is provided to promote the product and its establishment as a brand. Studies on the quality and performance of the product is carried out by the team of Acad. Atanas Atanasov from the Joint Genome Center – Sofia. After dozens of studies it was proved that “Centenary”  milk pate protects against colon cancer, enhances the immune system and has antioxidant effect and its consumption leads to a long and healthy life.

кашкавал витоша

“Vitosha”  Cheese (kaskaval)

The technology of cheese is comprises turning sour the curd and subsequent steaming in hot water and salting. This technology has been preserved from ancient times since then steaming and salting the cheese preserved it long time edible. Parboiling the curd and relatively abundant salting allow the continued storage of cheese under adverse conditions. Rodopa Milk’s cheese features a characteristic yellow color and high quality achieved with the strict observance of technology.


кашкавал балкан


Made from sheep’s milk with typical texture and unique taste,  a perfect appetizer for good company.




кашкавал преслав


A mixture of sheep’s and cow’s milk.





краве маслоButter

Natural product with great taste and aroma indispensable participant in morning snack.




сирене родопи-мъжкото сирене

“Rodopi” Cheese – ” the male cheese”

In the past it has been traditionally produced in the Rhodope Mountains. Solid, with a strong spicy- pungent, peppery taste. Best for consumption after the second year. A worthy competitor of Parmesan!




сирене геран“Geran” Cheese

Swiss type hard cheese with a pronounced delicate sweet taste and strong pungent aroma of mountain herbs and grasses. Aged for a minimum of three months, during which aroma and taste formed makes it very suitable for red wine. Added to hot dishes melts easily as cream.



сирене тейзе“Teize”Cheese

Semi-hard Swiss cheese with a pronounced aroma of fresh milk and moderately salty taste, with very good elastic structure. Served usually separately or as spicy nuance between other types of cheese. It melts well on boiled potatoes, toast and meat.




сирене гауда


A type of Dutch cheese with a balanced flavor and a reminiscent scent of bitter almond. With a very nice soft texture, gentle and pleasant flavor. Served separately it will disclose all its taste, suitable for white wine.




сирене парнар

“Parnar” Cheese

Italian type of cheese, hard and crumbly with a very spicy taste. It is used for the preparation of dishes from Italian cuisine, but may be consumed with red wine. Aged for a minimum of six months, but is best after the second year.