Policy for the use of cookies

Mlechendom.com uses cookies to improve your experience, analyze traffic to the site and make the website work properly.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit the website. They allow the site to “distinguish” and “remember” its visitors, that is, whether they are identified users who have logged into their account on the website or anonymous guests who visit the site without having a registration on it.

Also, cookies allow the site to remember your actions and preferences (such as selected language, currency, font size, etc.) for a certain period of time, so that you do not have to re-enter them every time you return to the site or switch from one page to another on the site. You can control cookies by choosing which cookies to include in each section of this window.

The website uses the following types of cookies according to their purpose:

  • Functional cookies

Functional cookies are categorized as mandatory cookies that are essential for the website to function properly and therefore functional cookies must always be enabled. These cookies ensure the basic functionality and security features of the website, anonymously. Functionality cookies remain in the browser even after the website is closed.

Also, these cookies support your actions on the site and thanks to them, you have access to all sections of the website. Cookies ensure that all actions you take on the site are safe and secure. These cookies can be used to distinguish and remember both registered users who have logged into their account on the website, and anonymous visitors who visit the site without having a registration on it. Also, with these cookies, we show you the information on our site in the language you selected during your previous visit to our website, and the prices – according to the currency you selected.

The aim is to avoid having to re-select settings that you have already confirmed or rejected during a previous visit to the site or in the current session, thus ensuring maximum convenience when visiting the site.

Functionality cookies are also those to enable caching, because on each subsequent request to our site, the browser returns the information from the cookie and helps to load the website faster.

  • Temporary (Session) cookies

Temporary or session cookies also fall into the group of mandatory cookies and must always be enabled. They are essential for the proper functioning of the website and are also responsible for making the site easier to use and for your more pleasant user experience while on the website.

When a visitor identifies himself to the website, for example by a username and password, then he may receive a session (temporary) cookie. It will serve the visitor as a temporary pass and at each subsequent request will authenticate the already made identification to the website. In this way, the site does not have to request, on each subsequent page, the user’s access data.

Session cookies are used to save information that is only necessary until the end of the session, until the web browser is closed or until the user “logs out” of his profile on the website.

  • Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are stored in your browser only with your consent. Therefore, you can decide whether to enable these cookies. Please note, however, that not enabling Analytical Cookies may affect your browsing experience on the website and may lead to disruptions in the functionality of the site.

In fact, analytical cookies are anonymous cookies and they do not give us any information about your personal data. Rather, through analytical cookies, we can understand how visitors to the website interact with it.

Analytical cookies collect statistical information about site traffic, including the number of visits, dwell time, popularity of individual pages, sequence of viewing, repeat visits, whether the site was visited via a mobile or desktop device and the time of exit from the site.

Thanks to all this statistical information, we can evaluate the effectiveness of our website and find out how easily our users work with the site. Based on this, we will be able to reach solutions to improve your user experience on the site. This can be done by improving the most important features based on aggregated online usage data, by identifying key types of behavior based on aggregated data, and by evaluating and improving the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

  • Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies are another type of cookies that are stored in your browser only with your consent, so you can decide whether to enable them or not. But here again, you should keep in mind that if you choose not to include advertising cookies, this may affect your experience when browsing the website and may lead to disruptions in the functionality of the site.

Advertising cookies are used to evaluate and identify your online activities and interests. The purpose of advertising cookies is to show you personalized ads, that is, ads that are more relevant to your interests.

Advertising cookies are also used to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, including to determine the number of clicks on advertisements on the website and to estimate the number of people who interacted with the site through the advertisements, that is, the number of people who have entered the site after clicking on an ad.

Information from advertising cookies is used to limit the frequency with which advertisements are displayed. Also, advertising cookies are used to ensure that you do not see the same advertisement too many times.

By selecting all cookies, the correct functioning of the website is guaranteed. Whereas, if you refuse the inclusion of some of the cookies, this may lead to disturbances in the functionality of the site and may affect your experience when browsing the website.