Customer Testimonials

 “Yes, it is a real place for relaxation and the only place one can appreciate the taste of the good Bulgarian cheese and te other cheeses. Bravo!”

Iskren Rosenov


We also visited this unique place as part of our Rhodope tour. I’d like to tell you that products of Rhodopa Milk airy are really with great taste, which suggest they are made by real milk, with no conservants. If I could order via Internet, I’d do it with pleasure, as they are locate quite far away from the place I live, and unfortunately will be left only with the memory of the taste of the Bulgarian cheese (kashkaval), te butter and the yellow cheeses”

– Villy


“Several times we went with my family to shop from the dairy in SMILYAN village. Products are really made by milk – something rarely seen in big stores. I wish more producers started to offer similar foods. The village itself is also located very nicely along the banks of Arda River. I have the feel that it a totally different Bulgaria there. Strangers greet you when passing by. One remains pleasantly surprised and puzzled …. “