About us

The “Milk House” – the only guest house  with its own dairy farm.

In the Bowels of the Rhodopes

Wings, wings I wished I had! – I would have escaped there,

from daily fight of noisy passions and fatigue,

where my spirit humbles like a slave in grief;

to you I would have soared , Rhodope mountains of proud,

with chest in-breathing fully and with eyes galloping —

cherishing for your peaks.


I would have calmly sweep in the blue of your heavensr

and somewhere meet the soul of Orpheus,

roaming, like me, in the sunrise blue,

Or to hear, astonished, in the moaning of zephyr

a  sound left behind from his lyre

in deepest of the virgin forests …

(by Ivan Vazov, Bulgarian poet and novel writer)


Researchers of Bulgarian history will look reality in the myths of Orpheus, will experience the local customs and traditions through the rich ethnographic collections, the folklore and memories of native people.

Eco-tourists will feel the awakening of nature in spring, the scent and the song of the Rhodope summer nights, the colors of the mountain in autumn and grandeur of snow-covered pines.

Those keen on hunting and fishing will be able to enjoy their hobby among evergreen forests or near the scenic shores of Arda river.

For seekers of adrenaline, located nearby are the ski slopes of Pamporovo ski resort, numerous wild caves and caves with adjusted access, as well as numerours mountain hiking trails.

And for all of you – comfort, excellent cuisine, good mood and Rhodopean hospitality.

Only with us – an incredible variety of eco-friendly milk products produced by traditional Bulgarian, Italian and Dutch recipes in a modern dairy farm, part of “Milk House” complex.